Step 1:

Submit online application and gather the following admissions documents:

• Copy of your high school diploma

• Copy of your driver’s license

• Copy of your social security card

• Letter of intent

• Letter of recommendation (from a non-relative)

• Application fee of $100.00

Step 2:

Attend a career planning session with an Admissions Representative. Learn about our career programs, explore the state-of-the-art facility, and gain an understanding of why there is no place like the Aveda Institute Des Moines.

Step 3:

Complete an aptitude assessment at the AVEDA Institute to be administered by an admissions representative.

Step 4:

Receive a letter within 7-10 business days following the submission of all completed admissions documents from the Institute stating the status of your acceptance.

Step 5:

Attend a financial aid meeting to finalize tuition and financing arrangements. Contact the Office of Financial Aid at 515.309.8807 to schedule a meeting.

Step 6:

Sign your enrollment agreement and pay your $100.00 registration fee. Note: Kit payment may be due at time of enrollment. This will vary by student depending upon selected financial plan.

Step 7:

Attend your required orientation celebration held approximately one week prior to your official start date.

Step 8:

Make a commitment to your future! Live out your dream & begin your professional education at the AVEDA Institute Des Moines.



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