May 13, 2022

How Long Should You Wait To Color Your Hair Again?

how long should you wait to color your hair again

There aren’t many better feelings than the confidence gained from a fresh, professional hair coloring session. No matter how good you know you look though, you might quickly ask yourself, “How long should I wait to dye my hair again?”

Our licensed educators at Aveda Institute Des Moines have extensive experience in cosmetology and are asked this question regularly. The truth is, this question is a bit complicated because many things can affect how long you should wait to dye your hair again.

How Often Can You Dye Hair?

After applying the perfect color to your hair, it is advisable to put off another color treatment for at least 4-6 weeks. Based on three primary characteristics, here are explicit instructions for how long to wait:

Hair Color & Growth

Your natural hair type is the most significant factor when considering any hair coloring frequency, specifically, your natural hair color, the color you want, and how fast your hair usually grows (about a half-inch per month is common). For example, someone with naturally dark hair that grows quickly may need to consider another coloring treatment sooner if they went to a lighter color, because the darker hair roots will become more apparent quicker.

Product Type

Permanent hair color necessitates more frequent top-ups than semi-permanent or temporary, to maintain an even color. As a result, deciding how frequently to color your hair is a delicate balancing act. As a general rule, wait at least four weeks, and preferably six weeks, before starting another treatment.

Semi-permanent hair color can be used more frequently than permanent tints if desired. It is designed to fade, which means more frequent treatment is needed.

Your Preferences

How often you color your hair is influenced by your particular tastes. Consider whether you’re the type of person who’s okay with their natural roots showing for a short time or whether you prefer zero regrowth. If it’s the former, you could stretch your time between color appointments to every few months.

Consider What You Want

How long your hair color lasts and how it looks depends on the color you choose and how frequently you can tint it.


Temporary hair dye is the shortest-lasting and usually washes out after five to 10 shampoos.


This option can last four to 12 washes. Because it does not permeate your hair, you will be able to use it every week.


The color is semi-permanent and can last up to 20 washes.


A permanent dye lasts the longest, and re-applying every 6 to 8 weeks is safe. Permanent hair coloring lightens and colors the hair.

Lower Maintenance Hair Color Options

If you’d like to spend minimal time in the salon, inform your stylist during your consultation so that they can apply the appropriate hair color for you. Whether you have a little gray or a lot, ask if a semi- or demi-permanent color can be substituted for a permanent color.

It will keep your hair in great shape while making overgrowth less obvious. If you have a lot of gray hair, you may need a permanent hair color. The extent to which you can endure the silver particles reappearing will determine how much maintenance you need.

Hair Coloring in Des Moines

You shouldn’t have to worry about how often you should wait to color your hair after your last appointment. Our student stylists are always under direct supervision by our team of licensed educators, and they will consider your hair needs and desires when planning your hair coloring treatments at Aveda Institute Des Moines.

If you are ready to splash into a new hair color or maintain your existing highlights, please review our services and book your hair color appointment in Des Moines today!

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