November 16, 2021

The Benefits of Attending In-Person Beauty Schooling

Online cosmetology school has been receiving more attention as students seek convenient ways to learn from home. Attending esthetics schools online can certainly be a way to do so, but if you’re weighing online cosmetology classes against in-person cosmetology courses, there are a few key differences that you should take into account.

In-person beauty school is advantageous because it offers a dynamic and interactive experience for students. Though beauty school testing online can provide convenience, it can’t match the confidence that in-person beauty graduates enjoy when they finish a program that includes real experience and practice. Consider these five benefits of in-person beauty school if you’re considering enrolling in a cosmetology program in Des Moines, IA.

1. In-Person Cosmetology School Allows You to Work With Real Clients

When it comes to building confidence and competence, there’s no comparison to the benefit of working with real clients in a real salon setting. While online classes teach the ideas of cosmetology in theory, in-person beauty school allows you to put those ideas into practice and develop your skills while working with real people. This offers benefits such as:

A female instructor at Aveda Beauty School teaches a young female student on a young model

  • Development of interpersonal skills
  • Practice selling and upselling services
  • Get beginner mistakes out of the way
  • Gain technical knowledge of the field

These benefits give in-person beauty graduates a big advantage over those who solely study online. Cosmetology is about much more than applying makeup or styling of hair — it’s about making your clients look and feel their absolute best. The only way to practice this is to gain experience with real people — which online cosmetology school can’t provide!

2. In-Person Cosmetology School Lets Your Creativity Shine

Practicing with in-person clients isn’t just great for the development of basic techniques. It’s also an opportunity to express your creativity, find your passion, and stretch your skills. You can do this every day as you work to learn the art of hair color, nail polish, and makeup. Beauty school is all about creativity, and when you attend in person, you can truly let your creativity shine. Opportunities arise as you practice with real clients and compete in contests that showcase your creativity. The sky’s the limit when it comes to crafting crazy and creative looks from your imagination.

3. Work Hands-on Next to Your Instructors and Colleagues

Yet another benefit of in-person beauty school in Des Moines, IA, is the connection it offers to your classmates and instructors. Though online cosmetology school can be convenient, there’s a degree of isolation that can’t be accounted for. You may or may not ever meet your classmates, and you might not have the opportunity to practice your skills before searching for a job. In-person beauty school, by contrast, allows you to practice hands-on while building relationships with your instructors and colleagues. These connections are vital to networking, gaining feedback, and developing professionalism.

4. In-person Cosmetology Students Get To Take Classes They Are Passionate About

Online cosmetology school offers students the convenience of learning from home, but it often comes at the expense of options. While online cosmetology schools typically prescribe a set curriculum, in-person cosmetology students get to take classes that they are passionate about. At The Aveda Institute Des Moines, for example, students’ curriculum is industry-specific. This means that you can choose the classes that reflect your interests and sidestep those that don’t. Don’t waste your time taking mandatory classes that you aren’t interested in when you could be focusing on developing the skills you’re most passionate about.

5. In-person Cosmetology Programs Only Last a Year

Finally, one of the most unexpected benefits of an in-person cosmetology program is the fact that it can be completed in just one year! Online programs vary in length, but you can enjoy the security of completion within one year when you attend in person. This is because in-person programs allow more practice and skill development time than an online program typically would. If you’re wondering when you could be finished with your cosmetology degree, find the start date that works best for your schedule and image being done within a year!

Should You Enroll in Beauty School?

If you’re considering cosmetology school, choosing between in-person and online is a difficult choice. There are pros and cons to both, but the experience of an in-person program simply can’t be beat. In addition to gaining experience, you get to develop your creativity, connect with classmates, and finish your degree within a year! The Aveda Institute of Des Moines is the premier cosmetology school in Iowa, offering hair, makeup, and nail art programs. Find your passion and get started by calling or texting (515) 224-5244 or reaching out online.

Image Source: Alter-ego / Shutterstock


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